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About Us

We are Washington fans.  We love our team.  We believe the name and mascot need to change.

Like many of you who are taking the time to read this site, we are enormous fans of the National Football League. We’re from the Washington, DC area. We’ve rooted for the Washington football team our entire lives. We’ve held season tickets, tailgated at RFK and FedEx Fields, and proudly worn our Monk, Cooley and Taylor jerseys on Game Day. 

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Social Media


'Major' Protest in Minnesota over Redskins' Name (via http://t.co/4wbKxUgjYY) http://t.co/bUGMnVXgv4

Sunday November 02, 2014


Cousins had 3 INTs in the 4th Q, and still was not the most embarrassing part of yesterday's game: http://t.co/iCZim2J0wZ #changethename

Monday October 13, 2014


"I'll root for them whatever they are called." ESPN's @MatthewBerryTMR, fan of DC's football team http://t.co/mtPXN6jcKY

Tuesday October 07, 2014


Yup, this: How I Realized Loving the Washington Redskins Means Demanding a Name Change http://t.co/uX8Kc2NnUo

Monday October 06, 2014


RT @fconroy: @shanonhenry @Fans4NT Thought you would enjoy this piece by my friend @PaulKendrick84, another diehard fan. http://t.co/8fHngI…

Monday October 06, 2014


RT @DragonflyJonez: I have yet to see an intelligent defense of keeping the Redskins name. Not a single one.

Friday September 26, 2014


Watching #NYGvsWAS and think Washington needs to #changethename? Join the fans' campaign for a new tradition at http://t.co/5oHyc0LgsE

Thursday September 25, 2014


Kudos RT @NYG_Nation10: Tonight and for the rest of the season, I have decided not to refer to Washington by their team name. #ChangeTheName

Thursday September 25, 2014

Fans for a New Tradition

ICYMI: South Park weighed in on the Washington football team name

Monday September 22, 2014


Who has said what on the name debate: http://t.co/PXEZmpSVm9

Saturday September 20, 2014

Sign the Petition

Whatever team you root for, Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, the NFL and its sponsors need to hear from fans like us!

Sign the petition, and share your email with us to learn more about what else Fans for a New Tradition has in store.

Dear Dan Snyder, Commissioner Goodell and other NFL leaders:

As fans of NFL teams, we demand you take immediate action to change the name of the Washington NFL franchise. 

Mr. Snyder – as team owner, the authority and responsibility to initiate this process begins with you.  The name of the team in our nation’s capital should aspire to evoke the best of our country’s heritage, not the worst.

Commissioner Goodell and NFL owners – the leaders of the NFL should not continue to tolerate a franchise using an offensive racial slur as a team name.  As influential decision-makers, we call on you to lead in this effort, privately and publicly, and do everything within your power to bring this issue to a just resolution.



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